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Legend Corn Cob Pipe

Legend Corn Cob Pipe

Product Review (submitted on February 13, 2015):
Howdy everybody!

I picked one up the local store because I like smoking but just had to quit cigarettes and cigars. I was drawn to this pipe by the attractive price and the fact I couldn't believe this thing is made out of a corn cob, but it is and it's actually working fine. However, I have to admit I am so new to pipe smoking it is embarrassing.

I was wondering if any of you gentlemen here could spare a moment and give me some pointers, a few beginners tips, how to avoid common mistakes, etc.

Here's my Qs:

1. Is there a proper way to "break in" a new CC pipe and what is it?

2. How/how much do you fill the bowl, how much fire does it need to get it started, is it OK to relight -say- every 2-3 minutes?

3. How/how often do you clean it and how/with what?

4. I will need to (eventually) replace the amber bit. Will either the Danish of the Regular (bent) bit fit mine?

5. How often does the Medico filter needs replacement. After about 5 uses, mine is already burned on the side closer to the bowl. Is this normal? What are the pros/cons of using the pipe with the filter removed?

Thank you so much for your time and your feedback!