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10 Pipe Grab Bag of Smokable Seconds

10 Pipe Grab Bag of Smokable Seconds

Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2013):
I am very recently starting up pipe smoking, and I heard nothing but positive reviews of this place from over at They recommend Missouri Meerschaum very highly, and being from Missouri myself I thought I would give this a try.

The grab bag appealed to me because I wanted to have several pipes for different tobaccos, and when I opened up the bag there were 11 pipes inside, when I thought I was only receiving 10! And none of them were mini's (although, my girlfriend wishes at least one of them was).

All in all, I received
* 3 diplomats - straight
* 2 Mizzous
* 6 Legends -5 bent 1 straight

Now I have enough pipes for what I wanted, and several to give away to friends! They all draw effortlessly, and none of the flaws are noticeable at a glance (although, the ones I do notice don't bother me, they give quite a bit of character to a few!)

11/10, would buy again.